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Florida All-Americans vs World Tournament


Building off the appealing, provocative and fun notion of our State (Florida) where lacrosse is beginning to grow at a fast rate,  Florida vs. The World is an exciting and dynamic lacrosse tournament where the finest All-American lacrosse players from the state of Florida battle against high-profile teams representing various international geographic regions from around globe and the United States.

Organized and delivered by Florida's USA Lacrosse Chapters (North and South), the tournament offers a developmental platform for the emergent Boys and Girls lacrosse talent. The event is conceived and designed to foster competitive spirit and camaraderie among players from different regions while showcasing the concentrated prowess of the talent among Florida's lacrosse All-Americans. The unique variety and intensity of competition promises thrilling matches, great sportsmanship, and unforgettable moments for lacrosse enthusiasts.

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Florida will form and field a state-wide Boy's All-American team and a Girl's All-American team. These teams will be entered into the tournament where they will compete against invited Haudenoshaunee and  Canadian teams, respectively. Other All-American teams from across the United States will also be invited to participate in the tournament.

The event will consist of three individual components:

  1. A full-field, 10-v-10 American-style lacrosse championship competition;
  2. A small-sided, 6-v-6 (Sixes) Olympic-style lacrosse championship competition;
  3. Coaching sessions delivered by college coaches.


  1. Regions participate in the tournament by submitting teams that represent a different geographic area in the United States (e.g., Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and Southeast excluding Florida).
  2. Each region will submit two Boys and two Girls teams to participate in the event. One team consists of a full-field squad of no more than 20 players that will compete in the “National” Division. The other team consists of no more than 10 players that will compete in the “Olympic” Division (Sixes). All players have been selected by their area USA Lacrosse selection committees as All-American (and Academic and Honorable Mention) players and therefore have demonstrated exceptional performance during their recent season. Native American and Canadian teams may also be considered and invited based on response and qualifications.
  3. Both divisions run simultaneously for three days, featuring a round-robin format, followed by a semifinal and a championship match.

Rules and Requirements

  1. The tournament adheres to the standard rules of lacrosse as established by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and accepted rules for Olympic-style small-sided games. 
  2. During the round-robin/first stage, each team competes in a play-in round, with points awarded for a win, draw, and loss. The top four teams with the highest points advance to the semifinal stage.
  3. Tiebreakers apply in the round-robin/first stage and sequentially include goal differential, then total goals scored, head-to-head results, and finally, a coin toss if needed.
  4. In the event of a tie, a sudden death period ensues where the first team to score wins the game.


  1. To participate, teams must consist of All-American (including Academic and Honorable Mention) lacrosse players from their respective regions.
  2. The Florida All-American teams must be comprised of players from Florida who have shown exceptional performance in the lacrosse season prior to the tournament.
  3. Participating teams/players must register and paid NLT 3 weeks prior to the tournament. Once submitted, no changes can be made to the team roster.
  4. The registration fee for each player is $225. Fee includes USA-styled uniforms, college coach sessions, 

Riffing off the 2010 movie, "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" our event is designed to evoke the zany action of the comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, and based on the graphic novel series "Scott Pilgrim" by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

In the film, Scott Pilgrim falls in love with an American delivery girl named Ramona Flowers and learns that in order to date her, he must defeat her seven evil exes in battles that are part video game, part kung-fu movie.

Each of Ramona's exes has unique powers and characteristics, and Scott must figure out how to defeat each one, while dealing with the struggles of his own life, his band, and the complex nature of his relationship with Ramona. The movie is known for its unique storytelling style, combining elements of video game culture, comic book style visuals, and indie rock music, reflecting the style and tone of the original graphic novel series. The film also explores themes of self-identity, growth, and taking responsibility for one's actions, all wrapped up in its action-packed, comedic, and stylized narrative.

What are the fun, exciting and competitive feelings created by our event? Come and find out.......