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Florida All-American Development Camp

Our developmental camp is designed and intended for those Florida athletes who have approached the pinnacle of performance. The camp is offered to emergent "All-Americans" to further refine their athletic, technical, and intellectual (IQ) capacity to compete at the highest level of Florida High School lacrosse. The camp and curricula are structured for both boys and girls.


Since the All-American designation indicates a level of accomplishment awarded to only the most complete lacrosse athletes, there is a finite limit to camp enrollment. Once enrollment capacity has been reached, additional registrations will not be permitted.

Players must meet one of the eligibility criterion listed below in order to register and participate in the camp.

  1. Must be a boy or girl with eligibility to compete in the 2024 Florida high school lacrosse season;
  2. Previously selected as an All-American or Academic All-American;
  3. Previously nominated by high school coach for All-American or Academic All-American consideration;
  4. Recommendation from current high school coach with stated intention to nominate athlete for 2024 All-American or Academic All-American consideration.

Remember, players must meet one of the above criterion to be permitted to register for this camp. No exceptions.

Click logo to register for All-American Developmental Camp.  Follow instructions on form to complete submission properly.