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Start the Journey - Florida Youth Annual Festival

Attend the Annual Festival

The Florida Youth Lacrosse (FLYLax) Development Program is a natural early-stage introduction to the USA Lacrosse Team USA and National Team Development Program (NTDP). The objective is to infuse insight, awareness, knowledge and excitement about the benefits and advantages of membership in USA Lacrosse and, through FLYLax, expose youth athletes to the higher-order training and development principles, standards and opportunities that may one day lead to National program involvement. As a FLYLax membership benefit, players will gain understanding, through the Annual Festival and other activities, about how the world’s best lacrosse teams endure the rigors of training and competing at the highest levels of national and international competition. 

The FLYLax is an annual 2-stage experience. Held over the course of three (3) days at a centrally located site, the first stage (1 ½ days) offers an intensive camp program delivered by some of the best coaches and national team players in the country. The second stage (1 ½ days) is a USA Lacrosse Chapter-sponsored tournament event featuring a small-sided team format. 

Eligibility for participation in the 2023 Annual Festival requires the following:

  • Players must be USA Lacrosse members;
  • Players must be FLYLax members;
  • Players must be born on or between September 1, ???? and August 31, ????

The overriding priority of the Annual Festival is to make sure participants have a great experience, learn, have fun, and walk away with a better understanding of the USA Lacrosse and its’ team development culture, providing greater connectivity between the next generation of athletes and the sport’s highest honor. For those interested youth athletes, the Annual Festival further develops athletes at a young age - preparing them for the possibilities of advancing to the next step in international competition.

National Team Development Program (NTDP)

The USA Lacrosse National Team Development Program (NTDP) is a three-phased process for high school-aged boys’ and girls’ players that leads to USA Select teams.

The ultimate goal of the NTDP is to provide high-level training for the nation’s top young players that will ultimately expand the talent pool for the U.S. national teams that participate in international World Lacrosse competitions.