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Florida Youth Lacrosse (FLYLAX) Development System

At the youth level, some kids (and their parents) know exactly what they want to achieve from sport participation while some don't have an inkling except maybe they want their child to get some exercise and play with friends. But don't lose faith because this kind of uncertainty is acceptable - even appropriate - IF the youth athlete is exposed to the right program.

FLYLAX is designed to ensure that kids can experience sport in a way that keeps future possibilities "on the table". Does your child want to play for fun? FLYLAX is a blast! Maybe they have aspirations to play in college? Our LTAD-based program improves the chances that lead to growth, development, college recruitment and possibly even scholarships. What if they aren't sure and want to try other sports too? FLYLAX is structured to encourage multi-sport sampling. As a parent, you do not (and should not) feel FOMO pressured to make ridiculous financial investments prematurely and unnecessarily.

The Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model gives each individual kid the chance and the choice at each stage of growth all the way up through high school and beyond. If this approach captures your interest, then continue to read further, then look for FLYLAX  opportunities in your community right in your backyard.

The Florida Youth Lacrosse (FLYLAX) Development Program was initiated by a group of expert lacrosse officials across Florida in response to an emergent need to provide an alternative to a system (so-called "elite" sport) that is showing signs of ineffectiveness and obsolescence. Based on the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model, participation is synchronized with the scientific stages of athletic development to ensure that each individual player receives training that fits their profile, capabilities, and aspirations - from youth development to high school competition, and college-level advancement, up to a lifetime of adult sports participation. 

Collaborating with youth recreation programs, and other committed stakeholders around the state, FLYLax provides a fun, exciting learning and development environment that expands physical literacy/athleticism, emotional, psychological, skill and sport IQ. FLYLax offers leagues, camps and clinics, and tournaments for youth athletes locally and around the State of Florida, making it an extremely convenient and accessible experience for all interested lacrosse athletes.

How are we different?

We are a lacrosse training and development system developed by Tamiami Lacrosse. We do not exclude youth athletes regardless of preliminary skills, goals, or resources. Unlike "elite" programs, we believe every child should have an opportunity to participate in sport at their own determined level.