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We're a non-profit organization focused on the long-term training and development of youth athletes. We organize our efforts as a governing organization for long-term athlete development and represent the growth and development interests of youth athletes across all sports, Our energy and emphasis is youth-centric and we collaborate with NGO's, sports organizations, coaches, schools/colleges, and parents to identify, educate and implement optimal training experiences for youth athletes consistent with their own athletic interests, aptitudes and aspirations.

    Follow this link For detailed information regarding the inaugural 2023 USA Lacrosse Florida Hall of Fame/All-American Games. Click logo to access event information.

    Florida Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame

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    USA Lacrosse Florida Hall of Fame/All-American Festival

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    Welcome to the Home of USA Lacrosse North Florida Chapter

    The USA Lacrosse North Florida Chapter represents the major areas across the state including the Gulf Coast, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Panhandle regions. Building on the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model, we've created the Florida Youth Lacrosse (FLYLax) Development Program for youth athletes interested in the development of their athletic and lacrosse-specific skills.

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    Florida High School All-Americans

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    USA Lacrosse North Florida Chapter

    USA Lacrosse North Florida Chapter

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    What is Long-Term Athlete Development?

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