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What is FLYLax? What are the Benefits?

By Staff, 01/04/23, 11:15AM EST


With the recent launch of FLYLAX, and the subsequent outpouring of interest and curiosity surrounding the program, we’ve been asked “What is FLYLAX and why should we join the movement”?

FLYLAX is a USA Lacrosse North Florida Chapter initiative. The program addresses the needs of YOUTH athletes (6-14 ages) and offers the best structure, environment and content to teach and grow youth lacrosse players. FLYLAX is not a club or team. It’s a training platform for youth athletes based on the Long-Term Athlete Development Model designed to build physical, emotional, technical and intellectual skills and capabilities. 

Although we do not focus programming on adolescents, we understand, encourage and embrace lifelong sport engagement through LTAD. Of course, the foundation established for those athletes who have experienced FLYLAX will have distinct advantages as they continue to develop and advance. 

So, what is FLYLAX?

  1. It’s FUN. The focus is on fun because fun is at the heart of all sport. Fun is baseline; fun is the starting point, ending point and everything in-between. Even at the professional level, athletes love the game; love what they do; and find passion in learning and preparation;
  2. It’s based on ages and stages of development. The idea that kids should be trained as pros and unconscionably pigeonholed as winners or losers; good or bad; elite or recreation is illogical, predictively impossible, borderline dangerous, ethically wrong-headed, and way too often leads to an early exit from sports participation.
  3. It’s youth-centric with an emphasis on individuality. Every kid deserves to be actively involved and engaged in their development. But make no mistake - it’s not “everyone gets a trophy.” 
  4. It’s based on the Long-term Athlete Development model. Known as LADM in the lacrosse community, we apply scientifically-derived principles to train youth athletes. Unlike most elite-styled programs, we approach a player’s development in a longitudinal,  long-term and progression-based manner that ensures growth over time and through each stage.
  5. It builds upon physical and intellectual literacy. The teaching/learning paradigm is geared specifically for youth athletes and is the key towards establishing a foundation of growth and performance.
  6. It’s properly trained coaches. Too many coaches do not possess the knowledge and skills required to apply youth athlete development principles. Our coaches are typically trained through the USA Lacrosse coaching certification program; and
  7. It’s convenient, cost-effective, technically superior and enjoyable - exactly what youth athletes need and want! We strip away unnecessary hype, unfulfilled promises, and improper emphases to reduce anxiety, disappointment, inconvenience and the excessive costs of participation. 


Since we collaborate with youth and recreation programs around the State of Florida, please check with your local programs for the next FLYLAX event or contact us to find the FLYLAX program in your neighborhood. Our mission is to grow, expand and develop youth athletes for long-term sport engagement and enjoyment, so don’t hesitate to call us and ask for our assistance.