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FLYLAX Launched - Athletes "Take Flight"

By Staff, 01/02/23, 11:15AM EST


Welcome to the new world of lacrosse. For those who think their child has to give up interest in other sports; risk burnout and overuse injury; spend summers traveling to distant locales, while paying excessive fees to ride the bench at tournaments - all in the name of “getting recruited” - then it’s time to think again. FLYLAX changes everything. 

A major initiative of USA Lacrosse North Florida Chapter, FLYLAX is an innovative youth development program built on the successful principles of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model. Unlike the demands, risks and obstacles of so-called elite participation, FLYLAX is an exciting, convenient, low-cost, safe, and technically superior approach to boys and girls (6-14 ages) athlete development embracing fun in learning as the overriding principle.

We’re bringing the same mindset, experience and principles applied around the world by international sports authorities right to your backyard. By providing a proven, research-based alternative - typically in collaboration and partnership with local community programs - your child can grow and develop without fear of losing opportunities to advance to their highest skill level, potential and aptitude. Whether their aspiration is to make the high school team, get recruited to college, or play lax for a lifetime, FLYLAX can get each kid there.

To learn more, watch our video, visit our website and contact us. We’ll make sure that your child doesn’t get left behind before they even have a chance to reach their highest height. Join FLYLAX, launch your passion, and Take Flight.